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CFO Program

A Special Program Tailored to Small-Medium Sized Companies How to Gain or Maintain Your Company's Finances.

  • What is a CFO?
  • How Does the CFO Program Work?
  • Why Use a Part-Time CFO


A CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is responsible for the financial management of the company. The CFO assists in developing and monitoring company finances and business plans. The program helps to forecast company financial results and cash flow.


The CFO program begins with an assessment of your financial management "needs and wants". We then evaluate current management practices and financial reporting processes. A service plan is designed to provide professional oversight to the financial and management functions through regularly scheduled services.

We help clients with the following services:

  • Preparation of a two or three year financial projection, updated at least annually (as often as quarterly). Projection package includes:

    • Income statements
    • Cash flows
    • Balance sheets

  • Review internal controls for the financial cycles (accounts payable, payroll, revenue/receipts) to search for weaknesses.

  • Work with management to identify key risk areas and key performance metrics.

  • Promote timely monthly closings and preparation of financial statements. Develop a standard monthly financial package for the bookkeeper to prepare.

  • Monthly review of financials prepared by bookkeeper - Inquiry into usual variations or items.

  • Prepare a quarterly budget-to-actual variance report.

  • Review bank covenants and monitor the company's compliance thereto.

  • Attendance at Board meetings or management meetings as needed to communicate company financial results and reports or discuss financial issues.

  • And, more!


A CFO program is a good answer. In most cases, growing companies cannot justify a full-time CFO. However, most businesses could benefit from the skills and abilities of such a professional. The CFO Program is a good compromise to provide those benefits on a part-time basis.

Call Larry Murrill at 858.455.5400 to discuss whether the CFO Program is right for your company and how we can lead you to higher profitability and control of your business.